Netciti provides a full range of residential services for the whole family for communication, education, entertainment, and convenience at your home

Home Phone

A feature rich and new way of communication using IP Telephony allowing you to more effectively and easily communicate with your neighbours, friends, and families.

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Home Internet

A high speed Internet connection to help you access information much faster, support your children with their school work, and enjoy online games and entertainment for your leisure.

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Home TV

A high quality entertainment for the whole family from drama to comedy, cooking to adventure, fashion to sports, cartoon to science fiction, and much more.

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Home Intercom

An effective multimedia communication with your Security Guards using voice and video intercom, and panic button to protect your love one at the touch of a button.

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Home Security

An effective surveillance to monitor your home and family at all time from any location in the world to give you a peace of mind.

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Home Automation

A convenient way to control your home lighting, air conditioning, windows, appliances, and sensors via remote control or panel at your home or remotely via mobile phone.

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